Anton Pienaar

Anton Pienaar

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First Name * Anton
Last Name * Pienaar
Username * Kaspaas
Country * South Africa
City Pretoria
Nationality South African
Languages AfrikaansEnglish



Availability: Freelance


I've grown up in an artistic family, but never made art my main means of income. That all changed a few years ago when I realized that my passion for art was just too big to simply do it as a sideline, and I have since then applied myself to become a better artist, and hopefully find myself in a position soon where I can only do artistic projects not only as a means of satisfying my passion, but also as a means of making a living. I love digital art, but I find mural painting to be quite rewarding as well, so I find myself doing more and more of those. I also have a keen interest in airbrushing. I think that I will concentrate a lot of my time and effort on illustration this year as well.


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